Rainy Day

Before I start, I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🦃

I will admit, mine was a bit… lonely. Both my roommates went back to their hometown to spend time with their families for Thanksgiving. Honestly, I should have flown back to Chicago too, but my parents visited the Bay Area about a week and a half ago. I definitely had a great time with them, but my parents and I didn’t think it would be worth going back since I just saw them recently. I didn’t think much of it at the time since work was kind of killing me at the time. We were launching a new feature and the deadline pressure was pretty nutty (glad to see it finally launched though!) But I actually don’t know what to do to kill time.

So that leaves me here alone in my apartment. It’s 1:28PM right now and raining outside. That throws any outside activities out the window (get it? because it’s outside?). I tried to hit up a few people, but they’re either traveling or busy with their families – totally makes sense. Now I think I need to find a way to kill time.

I did do some online Black Friday shopping and got my first gaming laptop! So I’m pretty excited to finally get a powerful machine to game on. I think in my entire life, I’ve never played any “latest” game on a desktop/laptop before. I had some consoles (PS2, PS3) but nothing with a mouse and a keyboard. And it sucks because I love gaming on a computer. The feel of FPS games on a computer screen is just better in my opinion. So I guess I have that to look forward to!

I think I’ll try and create something with the knowledge I have. I tried to create a mobile app before but it got shut down due to a lack of determination from my end. At least now I have nothing better to do so I think I’ll attempt that.

I’ll try and send blog updates more often. But it can get difficult with so many things happening at work + life.

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