Food Time

Today was a pretty great day. I have a roommate who is one of my best friends since college and his name is Calvin. And boy did we do some fun adventuring today with food.

When I woke up this morning, I did my normal routine of going to the gym and then doing some research/studying. By the time I was done, Calvin woke up. Now whenever this guy wakes up (usually around afternoon), he’s always pretty hungry. In the past few weeks, Calvin was pretty interested in pav bhaji. It’s an Indian dish that’s served with thick curry and bread rolls that took a swim in a pool of butter. So then we decided to go and grab some.

The first place I wanted to go to actually ended up being closed (thanks a lot Yelp…) But there was an Indian food truck nearby and it was open. When we arrived, we were also a bit worried because no one was in line or even near the food truck. But as I went closer, I saw a figure of something moving inside. I approached the food truck and I realized that the person inside was just chilling. Seems like they weren’t that popular during this time of day (or maybe that it was the weekend?) Anyway, I placed the order for 2 dishes of pav bhaji – one mild spicy and one medium spicy. Calvin and I got a bit disappointed as neither were spicy at all. We split a third dish and told him to make it even spicier than their previous medium order. And that too turned out to be not very spicy. In any case, we wanted to leave quickly because there was this one bee (I think it was a bee?) that was just buzzing around us and we were both pretty scared of it. I guess that’s what you expect from food truck type dining. Overall, quality of food was good but flavor lacked a bit.

Our next stop was at Apna Bazaar. This may seem like an ordinary Indian grocery store, but they actually serve street-food type chaat on Friday through Sunday. I found out from one of my friends when she needed to get something from the place. So we head here after we finish our Pav Bhaji because we wanted to eat some pani puri. So when we first get there, the dude said it’ll be ready in a half hour. We’re kind of bummed, but I mean what else can we do? So we decide to go back into my car and watch a couple episodes of Death Note (it’s an anime on Netflix). After about 2 episodes, we go back and the guy says half an hour again. So now we’re kind of upset, but this shit is really good, so we just watch one more episode of the show in my car. Finally after the third episode we were able to order the pani puri and eat it to our hearts desire. It’s definitely not a cheap dish – $5 for 5 pieces. But the quality of flavor definitely makes up for it.

Finally around 4 (maybe 5?) we head back home and wanted to chill. I laid on my bed watching YouTube and video chatting with my family back in the midwest. Once that was done, I did my regular evening routine of voice chatting with my friends with some video games and studying some stuff. I killed about another 4-5 hours doing that.

And now I’ve made it to the present where I’m sitting behind my laptop writing this. Overall, today was great and I hope there’s many more weekends like it!

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