Introduce Yourself

Hey everyone. My name is Shashank Saxena (though my friends call me Shank). I graduated college in 2018 and I’ve always wanted to share my life as an Internet story. I never had much time in college but I have some time now so I wanted to pursue my original goal.

Quick Facts About Posts

So I’ll often use vague words like “studying” and stuff to refer to some of the ways I pass time. I’ll have a mapping here on what that exactly means:

  • Studying: doing software engineering interview questions, watching software engineering videos on new technology, reading research papers, or reading online on the latest tech

Quick Facts About Me

I don’t like long introductions on what I’ve done. I’ll just bullet point some stuff about me:

  • Lived in the Chicago suburbs for ~16 years
  • Graduated UIUC with a degree in computer engineering in 2018
  • Working at AWS now in the bay area as a software engineer
  • Have a website if you want to check it out:

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